Auto Emergency Hammer
Auto Emergency Hammer
Auto Emergency Hammer
Auto Emergency Hammer
Auto Emergency Hammer

Auto Emergency Hammer

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Brand: Katzco


  • 2-IN-1 SET - Katzco provides a single device with a dual purpose to save a life in case of a car trap. This window shatter with seat-belt knife will quickly free you and your passengers from becoming trapped in your seat. Secure it in the bus, trolley, truck, and other automobiles.
  • LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT - A must-have to be rescued from an overturned, sinking, crashed, or burning car. Place in a driver-side pocket, center console or wherever it is accessible. Share it with family and friends to help protect precious lives against accidents and disasters.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Stylized for exigencies. It has a razor sharp blade to cut seat belts during urgent situations. The bright orange color makes it easy to locate in the dark or when in a state of panic. The pointed taper design is perfect for breaking vehicle windows, and it has a corrugated handle to grip conveniently.
  • EASY TO USE - Hit the 4 glass edges first with its double-sided hardened metal head then smash it in the middle. It can also be used at home, school, in the office for emergency circumstances where the only means of escape is through a single or double glazed window.
  • STURDY CRAFTSMANSHIP - The conehead hammer is made of high carbon steel, its cutting blade is incorporated in the base and has a protective mounting bracket for storage. It is crafted with anti-skid gripping and durable long-lasting polypropylene. Its color doesn't fade out.

Publisher: KCO Brands


Has anyone you know been in a life-threatening situation when the victim could have been saved by having a window breaker close at hand?

Car window breakers are essential in the event of being trapped inside a vehicle due to a road accident or nasty collision. It enables you to smash your way out of the car. But what Katzco offers is something more. It doesn’t only punch your window hard, but it also comes with a sharp cutting blade at the bottom of the hammer to free yourself from the fastened seat belt.

It has a practical design to cater to your immediate needs. Our luminous orange hammer is built from carbon steel with a double-sided tip head, razor blade built-in, and anti-skid handle. It is encased in a protective bracket to easily store wherever is convenient and accessible. Its bright color is designed to quickly find and use it.

Not only is it functional for different automobiles, but also in the house, schools, offices or wherever you need to escape from a window.

Have yourself a peace of mind in times of trouble. Stay away from harm while waiting for assistance. Remember how precious life is. Give some to your family and friends as a gift. Include Katzco 2-in-1 Emergency Hammer on your list!

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Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 4.7 x 1.8 inches