You've Been There

We’ve all felt the throat-clenching panic of money problems.

...sitting at your kitchen counter, staring at what seems like hundreds of bills. Knowing that there is too much month and not enough money to cover the expenses looking back at you. You're exhausted, you're frustrated, and you're ready to make this helpless feeling stop.

Amanda Williams Debt Free in Sunny CA
Hey! I’m Amanda
Founder + Owner of Debt Free In Sunny CA

How I Started

All too often, I felt that pain - but one day, I decided to do something about it.

The year was 2014. The age was 28. The repayment status on my student loans read "grace period." That's when it happened. I realized that I couldn't pay my car note AND my student loan monthly bill. In that moment, I knew that I had to change.

That breaking point unleashed a journey that would change not only my finances but the trajectory of my life.

How Did I Do It?

I hit my breaking point and said no more. I committed to doing a zero-based budget and sticking to it, sold everything in sight, cut my expenses, and worked hard to increase my income.

I created my Instagram, @debtfreeinsunnyca, to stay motivated and connect with others. I had no idea that by starting this account, I would create the #debtfreecommunity hashtag, which has been used over 500,000 times and have a following of over 63,000 people.

From the time of my breaking point until July 5th, 2018, my husband, Josh, and I paid off $133,763 in 3 years and 7 months. We've been interviewed on Forbes, The Dave Ramsey Show, ABC 10News, SD Voyager Magazine, and many more media outlets.

Now that we're debt free, I have been able to start my business doing what I truly love: inspiring debt free living.


Where to Begin

It can be overwhelming when starting your own debt free journey. That's why I've created That Debt Free Life: A Beginner's Guide. The guide shares 7 tips that helped me the most when starting my journey. 

You'll need the motivation to stay on track, so make sure to grab your free Honeycomb Debt and Savings Tracker to record your progress!


What’s Next

Now that we're debt free, saving for early retirement is our next ambition! This means continuing to find ways to cut costs, increase our income, and save money.

Our ultimate goal is to set sail, quite literally, and travel the world while being able to help people on their financial journey.

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