Navigating Nelnet: A How To Guide on Making Extra Payments


Welcome to the fourth blog post in the series of making payments on individual student loans. Today we're teaching you how to make an extra payment on Nelnet student loans. A huge thank you to @debtfreejd for helping put this informative blog post together. 

Whether you’re following the debt snowball or debt avalanche, targeting your student loans individually is the most effective way to pay off your debt. Instead of spreading an extra payment across all loans, focus on one loan and throw every single penny at it until it’s paid off. Then move onto the next one.

Debt snowball: paying off debt from smallest to largest balance no matter the interest rate

Debt avalanche: paying off debt from highest to lowest interest rate 

Note: If you've consolidated your student loans, payments on individual loans aren't possible.

Step 1

Login to Nelnet through their website or application. The app is available on the AppStore and Google Play. The application reviews are not great. If you do not have an account, you can sign up by clicking Register under the Log In button. 

Cybersecurity Tip: Use a strong password and change it every 90 days. While you might not care about people logging into your account to make a payment, keep in mind that your bank account information, home address, email address, and phone number are all stored in the Nelnet portal. 

Step 2

Click Make a Payment or click the Payments drop down and select Pay Now.

Step 3

On the next page, select Pay By Group.

Step 4

Enter the amount you want to pay on the specific student loan and change all the other loan amounts to zero. 

Step 5
Scroll down and select Proceed to Confirmation.

Step 6
Review the payment and select Pay Now

A Payment Confirmation page will show up detailing your payment information.

There you have it! That’s how you make a payment on an individual loan with Nelnet. I hope this blog was helpful! Let me know in the comments how much you have left on your student loans.

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