Father's Day For The Frugal


I always try to think of gift ideas that will create a lasting memory, rather than material joy. The real gift is celebrating your Father and taking the time to show gratitude and love to him.

Life gets crazy, we’re all going a mile a minute, and the day-to-day responsibilities never seem to end. On these special holidays, we have the chance to slow down a bit and just enjoy each other. Gifts that support this idea are the best of all!  

You also don’t want to overextend your finances when it comes to gifting experiences - to Dad or anyone else. I hope that this article gives you a wide range of ideas for memories and gifts that you can give Dad.

We’ve outlined 5 frugal ideas for your Father’s Day gifts. He’ll love them because of the thought and care behind the present, and you’ll love them because they definitely won’t break the bank! 

Father's Day For The Frugal Debt Free in Sunny CA

Family Grill Out

Even if your Dad isn’t a stereotypical ‘grill and golf’ dude, I would find it hard to believe that he’d turn away a freshly grilled steak and quality time with family. Celebrate your Dad by inviting all your closest peeps over for a potluck meal. It’s cheaper for everyone involved and will create memories that he’ll cherish!

Detail His Car

Life is busy - and we all lose track of less-pressing chores. Why not give Dad the gift of a clean car? Thoroughly vacuum, scrub, polish, and Windex to make that bumper shine, baby! I’d even slip in a funny air freshener for charm!

Dessert Daddo
Throw together his favorite dessert. Cake? Pie? Cookies? He’ll love the homemade touch, as well as the homemade taste! Special occasions call for special baked goods. 

Collaborate with Family

Want to get your Dad something special, but don’t have the cash? “Go in” with other family members for a crowdsourced gift! After all, you can get a ‘bigger’ gift with $80, than you could with $20. You’ll stay on budget, while also being able to afford something that you wouldn’t have initially. Pooling resources is one of the best ways to gift-give!

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Gift Card

I will always preach the gift card route. Why? Because they aren’t impersonal - If Dad likes books, get him a gift card to Barnes and Noble. If he’s into sports, get him a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Does Dad need tools? Lowes, Harbor Freight, or Home Depot. What about movies? Is he ready for the next Spiderman Installment? Movie Theater gift card it is! The list goes on and on. He’ll actually treat himself for once!

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    As a tip, don’t purchase a gift without checking Groupon, available coupons (online and offline), or applicable discounts! You never know if you can save money if you don’t research or ask! 

    Have you gifted one of these recommended gifts? Let me know how Dad reacted! 

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