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    Amanda Williams is owner and founder of Debt Free In Sunny CA:

    A company inspiring financial literacy and debt free living. Josh and Amanda paid off $133,763 of debt in 3.7 years. She has built a dedicated, engaged, and loyal audience of over 65,000 people from the ground up. The #debtfreecommunity hashtag was created under Amanda's direction, and has generated an online movement, bringing thousands together on a daily basis. 

    Debt Free in Sunny CA Amanda Williams


    I just received my order from the Debt Free in Sunny CA store! I was pleased with how quickly I received it! Aside from the vibrant colors and quality of the mug and sticker, I received a personal note that reminded me of why it's important to support local businesses! The mug is a daily inspiration to keep myself on track to living that DEBT FREE life!!

    -Desiree Diaz @travelinggypsii

    I love proudly rocking my Living That Budget Life sticker on my water bottle and sharing my debt free journey with the world!

    Lindsay Crenshaw @thehungrycuttlefish

    I was thrilled to receive my #debtfreecommunity vinyl decal from Debt Free in Sunny CA. Representing such a positive community everyday has started conversations and given me joy. I have one on my car and my water bottle. Definitely recommend! 

    Virginia Weir @veefrugalfox